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Traditional with a Modern Flair

Translating to mean ‘trust’ in Japanese, SHINRAI extends on the dining story of Sushi Yujo, which means ‘friendship’, further expanding on the bonds and camaraderie between people over a meal. Embark on a remarkable journey of Japanese gastronomy, where age-old traditions blend seamlessly with the city's modern flair. Relish in the true essence of Japanese cuisine, re-defined with creative culinary methods and perfected by SHINRAI’s ever innovative master chefs. 

Sushi Roll Shinrai Royal Maki
Chef Fong and Chef Haoey

The brainchild of Desmond Fong, the chef behind Sushi Yujo, SHINRAI bears the hallmark of trust just as its name suggests. The sushi-izakaya experience evolves, offering a tantalizing array of aburi and charcoal-grilled specialties. Under the watchful eye of Chef Fong, Head Chef Haoey Cheah crafts a menu that ignites the culinary senses. Join us and immerse yourself in a world of flavour and sophistication

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